Frequently Asked Questions

When will these cards be available for purchase?

Your Privilege is ShowingLIVE! is a facilitated diversity training in a card game format. In it's current form, it needs to be facilitated in order to make sure the conversations are productive, not destructive. One of the reasons why this game is even necessary is because we don't know how to have these conversations on our own. And when we try, they rarely go well because there is very little cultural support for them. For those of us who have more privilege, talking about our personal relationship with systemic oppression, the ways we are impacted by it and the ways we participate in it, can often be painful and requires guidance in order to manage the heightened emotions that often arise. 

We are currently beta testing an at home social experience that uses the basic components of Your Privilege Is ShowingLIVE! to provide a casual, personal, social activity to be engaged with by groups of friends.

It is not in any way, viable nor feasible to utilize the AT HOME! game in an organizational, institutional, nor corporate setting. Your Privilege Is Showing accepts no liability for misusage of the game or violation of our terms and conditions. In the case of a violation of our terms and conditions, Your Privilege Is Showing reserves the right to invoke legal sanction. This may sound harsh, but Your Privilege Is Showing is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all who engage with our experiences.

If you’re interested for personal usage, get on the mailing list to be informed of updates on the AT HOME! game. It will be available for preorder February 2019.

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