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Launched at SXSW in 2019, and fully funded through our indiegogo campaign, Your Privilege Is Showing (Y.P.I.S.) AT HOME! is designed for social groups to play privately.

A simplified and abbreviated version of the facilitated game, literally for play “at home”, Y.P.I.S. AT HOME! is made for up to 6 players ages 16+, and is never the same game twice. Real-life scenarios are used to prompt challenging discussions related to social equity, oppression, marginalization, and the various types of privilege. Players engage each other's perspectives, delve into their own, and utilize personal knowledge and experience to practice how to have these conversations in progressive and productive ways.

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Y.P.I.S. AT HOME! players explore how to:

  • Recognize and name social injustice in the world and in their own lives

  • Work through the discomfort of talking about their own culpability with white supremacy, patriarchy and other forms of bias based on privilege

  • Be aware of the ways in which each of us are ignorant and how social justice and injustice impacts all of our daily lives.

  • Improve communication skills to better navigate complex, charged topics

  • Build empathy and trust with each other

perfectly adequate human star card.jpg

Y.P.I.S. AT HOME! is a game that focuses on identifying and naming social injustice in real life current events. It gives you the chance to practice articulating what you think and why. It’s not about saying the “right thing”. It’s about saying your true thing and working to get more specific and accurate. The person with the most points at the end of the game is the Perfectly Adequate Human.

The fundamental philosophy of Y.P.I.S. AT HOME! is that systems of oppression (sexism, racism, privilege, ableism, and classism, among others) are both personal and universal. No matter who we are, we have all internalized and participated in these systems, and are hurt by them in some way… but we don’t talk about them. If we can't talk about the way the world around us enforces and reinforces systems of oppression, we can't even begin to understand our part in them.

.P.I.S. AT HOME! is a structured practice space in which the conversation is the point. Players learn about social inequity and practice having the relevant challenging conversations.