These are actually skills, Skills that can be developed,

But you need guidance and practice

Your Privilege Is Showing is an intensive, interactive half-day workshop that creates a safe framework for participants to have open and personal conversations about privilege and oppression. Led by a trained facilitator, Your Privilege Is Showing challenges participants to let their thinking evolve about the ways in which they have participated and still participate in systems of oppression, and illuminates the obliviousness of privileged perspectives by taking them out of the theoretical and into the actual, personal, daily experiences of players.

Your Privilege Is Showing takes present day examples of sexism, racism, heterosexism, misogyny, ableism, as well as other forms of privilege, and asks participants to identify what kinds of bias are in operation and how to interrupt that behavior. The simulation also has mechanisms built in to discuss other participant’s choices, and disagreements. This game based approach empowers players to show vulnerability and grace when engaging with large and complex societal issues, and helps players navigate the inevitable shame that arises when we consider our own culpability in systems of oppression.


While there is a way to win the game, even in winning, Your Privilege Is Showing makes it clear that one does not win at social justice. At best, we can hope to be Perfectly Adequate.

We do that by continuing to engage while learning from our mistakes.

In gameplay, participants can be open to the idea that they may be wrong and that their perspectives are not the only perspectives that need to be considered. They can recognize that the way to dismantle systemic oppression starts with recognizing how it exists in each of us. Participants are in the ongoing process of unlearning bad habits. Which is why the best we can hope for at the end of each game is a slightly off kilter, Perfectly Adequate Human gold star.